Smart Home Device Product Testing In Simeon Tuitt Connected Home And Usage Feedback From A UK Smart Home Advisor

SKU: £4,000.00
If you market a smart home product or are releasing one, have it tested out by Simeon Tuitt in his connected smart home and get feedback from someone who uses smart home automation daily and connected devices. Discover your products weaknesses and any app bugs that could cripple your product launch with bad feedback if you are new to market. A bad review on social media or about your app of bugs you aren't aware of could spell the end of a successful product launch and if you are not smart home DIYer like those who are your target market (they spend hundreds on connecting their homes), you won't know of real issues being faced. An unhappy customer who has spent hundreds on your product only to be disappointed when there are issues you should of known about before release and patched instead of leaving unfixed will make it their mission to destroy your brand with a bad review. Getting my input by having me test out your smart home devices as a real user gives you that much needed feedback to nip what could be a very costly mistake, by you thinking like a business and not having real user feedback from someone with a connected home.

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