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Now everything you find on this Home Automation site I use in my own smart home, so I only sell what I actually use on a day to day basis to create the CONNECTED TUITT Smart Home you see in the videos.

You may have never considered setting up a CONNECTED TUITT smart home, one you can remote control from anywhere in the world, but it is something rather easy to do with the right equipment and it can save you money on your electric and gas bills monthly.

I have my CONNECTED TUITT smart home set up so that it turns off electrical devices when they are not in use or if I leave the house, once I have pulled out the driveway the house auto shuts down and turns off.

My arrival home is fully automated too, when I get home the TV turns on, the lights turn on, the home security system displays on the TV and shows me all the camera's around the house and my grans house live camera feed.

The video above shows my 3G smart watch phone and CONNECTED TUITT smart home video doorbell system that allows me to see who is at my front door and speak to them from anywhere with my smart watch phone.

Using a 3G smart watch phone to monitor your smart home security means you can always be connected to home even when at work, down the gym, out on jogs or in situations you can't pull out a mobile like shopping with your hands full.

Above  you can see just one of the ways I have my CONNECTED TUITT Home set up so that I can control devices like the kette from my smart phone and smart watch phone, allowing me to put the kettle on when on my way home or watching TV.

This is one way you can CONNECT TUITT with your smart home and control it from anywhere with a smart watch ph one or smart phone.

You can see me controlling my kitchen lights with my smart watch phone above, I have all the lights in my home set up to be remote controlled from my smart watch phone and smart phone from anywhere in the world, you can do the same with home automation.

Above you can see me turning on and starting my washing machine from my smart watch phone, this is very simple to set up and you could do the same thing to turn your washing machine on or off from anywhere using a smart watch phone or smart phone.

Smart Home Automation as well as being cool is very useful in a home since it can allow lights to be turned on and off automatically, very useful for elderly people who have falls in the dark tripping over things and who have difficulties reaching some light switches.

I have doors in my smart home set up so when they are opened they do things like turn on lights or power up a room turning the TV on. If you have kids or elderly family members you can have the passage and bathroom lights turn on once they open their bedroom door and turn off when they close it.

Smart Home Automation as well as allowing me to control devices like my dish washer above and turn my washing on and off anytime, allows me to cut my electric bill.

The video above shows me unlocking my living room door with a smart watch, this is something I have in place to control access to different rooms of my home, useful for when the gas, electrician, plumber, painters or others I don't know need access to an area of the house, stops them opening doors and wondering around.

The video above shows a demo of my mobile app I have created to monitor my smoke alarms, it listens for any sounding alarms in the house and sends me a text message to my phone and turns off the gas.

You can see the full video of my mobile app being demonstrated above, as you can see it only activates when a smoke alarm sounds, not from talking or background sounds. Now if you want to keep up to date with my personal, business and smart home, subscribe to my video and audio updates.

My video and audio updates can be viewed on your Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, Echo device or on the FREE Alexa App you can download from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Get subscribed at the low monthly subscription price while you can to see inside my smart home and get my personal and business video and audio updates.







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